Our Core Values: People, Potentials, Possibilities

Our Vision: To empower individuals and organizations to maximize their potentials and become successful.

Our Mission: to impart and impact lives and organizations with emerging skills, strategies and principles they need to excel. To solve business challenges with strategies and technologies that make life and business easier, saving time and money, and deliver such services with measurable value to our clients.

Success Strategies Academy (SSA) is a training and empowerment academy committed to imparting and impacting individuals and organizations with emerging skills, strategies, technologies and principles they need to excel in their career & business.

Training Programs and Courses we offer;

  1. Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  2. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  3. Digital Marketing & Online Businesses
  4. Management & Business Growth
  5. Success Strategies & Motivational Pep talk

The Facilitators: facilitators of our programs are thought leaders and professionals from respective industries.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to call; Chiugo on 0909-454-0396, 0802-230-3482, WhatsApp – 0806-829-6897.

Remember, the wisest and most profitable place to invest is in knowledge acquisition and application!

Success Strategies Academy is a subsidiary of Success Strategies Consulting & Solutions (SSC&S), owners of Good Success Platform.