Discover ONE Major Skill You Need to Create Awareness, Drive Sales, Make More Money, Grow your Business and Achieve Your Dreams

There are thousands of methods to create awareness, drive sales and traffic, make money, grow business and achieve your dreams. But there is one truth, one skill and one strategy you need to understand and master.

All the methods require the ability to sell for them to be successful. Ignorant people and opportunity seekers think the magic is in the method.

So, they ignorantly jump around like a bunch of ‘drunk monkeys’ from one opportunity to another without facing the real problem which is the fact that they don’t know how to sell.

I used to be like that too.

They jump from one business to another thinking that the problem is with the business or the company, but its not.

And they cry around like little babies complaining about how nothing seems to work.

First, anyone who says online marketing does not work is just dumb or does not know how to do it nor engage someone that knows how.

These people who say nothing seems to work avoid selling because they see it as hard-work and so, they pay the price by wasting a lot of time and money, getting frustrated and being broke.

See, people who succeed at any business either know how to market and sell in this digital age with digital marketing and social selling strategies or they hire someone who knows how to bring in sales and customers. And in turn they are protected from any economic downturn.

If you don’t have the means to hire someone who knows how to market and sell digitally, then you have to learn it yourself.

Once you master the art of marketing and selling digitally, you can use it in any industry. And in any country.

  1. You can use it to sell your ideas to companies if that is what you want.
  2. You can use it to sell real estate –  my company was paid big time on 3 different occasions for creating a digital marketing strategy that brought in hundreds of millions for 2 real estate companies here in Lagos.
  3. You can be a Digital Marketing consultant helping businesses to sharpen or drive their sales.
  4. You can become an affiliate or network marketer selling other people’s or company’s products and getting paid big commissions.
  5. You can create your own high powered information products or service and sell your way to the top.
  6. Or you can just import or create your own products and market and sell on a massive scale with digital.

The opportunities are endless.

Don’t borrow money or invest you hard earned to start a business if you don’t know how to sell and can’t hire someone who does know how to market and sell with digital platforms and strategies.

According to wise old Ted Nicholas, “You Can Suck at Every Business Skill Except One and Still Become a Multi-Millionaire!”

That single skill is the ability to sell.

You can hire managers, accountants etc to handle other things in your business.

You can decide to acknowledge this truth now and start working on it or you can just flunk it and keep running around in circles for the next 3 years like most people.

So you can start learning now or wait for 3 years.

It is your choice. I have done my own. My mission is to point, show and teach people how to maximize their individual and business potential.

Wisdom is profitable to direct.

However, be informed that Sales and Marketing has gone digital and if you dont know how to leverage digital tools, platforms and strategies to market and sell you will be expending a whole lot of time energy and resources without getting any good result.  I you want to go digital i invite you to join our DIGITAL MARKETING & SOCIAL SELLING CLASS 0.4

At the Course you ll learn ;

*Social Media Marketing & Selling Strategy (How to market and sell your products/services with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube.

*Blogging – How to market and drive traffic your website and business with blogging.

*Online Displaying Advertising: How to set up and run a effective online display ads on online platforms ( Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram.

*Copywriting: How to write sales copies and promotional offer that converts.

*Email marketing and Leads Generation

*Video Marketing with YouTube Channel

*SEO: How to optimize your website to rank among the first 3 on Google and other search engines.


  • One month coaching for students that attended the class
  • Access to call, email me on any question or technicalities and i will respond and address it
  • Access to my Digital Marketing Library of materials (videos, PDF, eBooks)


  • Because its cost-effective, result-oriented and affordable
  • It can be measured and analyzed via analytics
  • Its easy and stress-free
  • Its in demand
  • Because the trend has changed and organizations and brands all over the world and in Nigerian have realized that creating brand awareness, attracting fans, generating leads, driving traffic and sales via digital strategy is far more cheaper, measurable and more effective than the traditional marketing techniques (i.e. T.V, Radio, Billboards, newspaper etc.


Business Owners, Managers, Employees, Network Marketers, Unemployed persons, Anyone that want to master how to use digital marketing strategies to market and sell anything etc.

Date: October 5th, 2017

Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Course fee: Regular N20, 000 only Early bird : N10, 000 only if you register on or before October 7th, 2017.

Limited Space Available

Our training facility have space to accomodate just 20 people and we shall stop registration on 20 people register. The earlier you register the better chance you stand.

To Register

Please Call or WhatsApp -Tony on 0806-829-6897, 0909-454-0396 to confirm if there is still a vacant seat and if there is he ll send you the account details to make payment.

Who Am I and Why Must You Listen to Me?

My name is Tony Nwokolo, am an Entrepreneur, Author, Online Business coach, Blogger, Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) & Minister of the gospel. Am the the founder of S. Strategies Consulting & Solutions (an IT & Digital Marketing Solutions firm) and the publisher of Good Success Blog

I have used digital marketing to grow my business and rakes in millions every month and i have helped and stills helps corporate organizations to use digital marketing to drive and grow their business. I have trained and empowered over 100 Nigerians on Digital Marketing and most are doing very well. Am happy doing what i love to do and i like the results i see.

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