Discover How to Invest in 24 Karat Gold with Swissgolden Corporation and Earn Active & Residual Income in Euros for Life!

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I want to present to you Swissgolden Business Opportunity and how you can partner with the company to earn active and passive income in gold or euro leveraging their network program.

Swissgolden Business Opportunity Presentation


Swissgolden corporation was registered on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands and launched in the market on February 1, 2013.

Swissgolden Head Office Building in UK

Swissgolden Corporation is a multi-billion Euro international company licensed to deal on purchase, storage and delivery of investment 24 karat gold bars ranging from 1 to 100 grams with 999.9% purity.  Swissgolden through her internet shop makes it possible for investors round the globe to buy/invest in gold and earn passive/active incomes.

Swissgolden has administrative offices in UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany and in 120 countries. The company has its Gold refinery plant in Germany and also works with very high and other reputable gold manufacturers such as; ARGOR HERAUS, Valcambi, Umicore and Metalor Technologies.

Swissgolden has its administrative headquarters at No 88 Wood Street, London, UK and her Nigerian office at 2nd floor, Etiebet’ Place, Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


*Gold* is a precious metal that appreciates in value over time. what this means is this, if you save in Gold bars, your money will triple over time. It is more better than saving all your money in bank because your money depreciates over time.

– Gold does not get expire and cannot be destroyed by fire or flood.

– Gold is not affected by inflation.

– The value of gold is not affected by the nation’s economy; it’s value is not regulated by any Government or economic challenges of any country.

– It is a respected product treasured by many, hence many jewelries are clothed with gold

– It is a universal commodity and it is publicly traded in exchanges all around the world.

– Gold is the true currency of the world and true store of wealth the way God designed it.

Its very important we understand how gold works and why it is important for us right now to invest in this ancient metal.

*Do you know That?* *N100,000 worth of cash 30 years ago is now worth N4000 only, while N100, 000 worth of Gold is now worth N4.4million*

*What The Company Offers*
1. Be a Customer and just buy Investment Gold Bars.

  1. Accumulate (earn) gold bullions worth thousands of euro or the cash equivalent through the network marketing program presented by Swissgolden to her partners.

Our team partnered with Swiss Golden in October 2016 and we can make bold to say:

*Its is the Best Partnership deal for us till date*

*Through this simple Business Model,  we have raised over 300 Millionaires here in Nigeria.


*There are two ways to buy investment gold bars on Swissgolden’s Internet shop (

  1. The traditional way
    2. The accumulative bonus program store.

*The Traditional way: the minimum that can be purchased from the webshop through the traditional way is €7000 (3,560,000 naira)*
I know this is a lot especially in our current economy, but wait till you hear about the second way to purchase investment gold bars from Swissgolden.

*The Accumulative bonus program; in this particular program, individuals are given the opportunity to accumulate and earn gold by referring other customers to Swissgolden. You are required to refer people that are interested in investing in gold.

And when your 2 new referrals also refers their own 2 new customers. Once that is achieved you have closed what we call the table of order. And you will earn some amount of gold based on the level you are in. And the company can send you the gold bullion or the cash equivalent in euros into your designated euro account.

In summary, instead of starting the business in the traditional way of buying at least €7000 worth of gold bars, you now begin your gold investment and accumulation business with as little as 75, 280 or 740 Euro and then refer 2 new customers and they will refer their own 2 and you are on your want to earn thousands of euro.

You’re to invite in 2 people and they will also do the same as follows;




*We get paid in Gold*.

The company offers 3 options on what to do with the Gold you earned.

1.  Keep the gold in the UBS (Swiss) bank, monthly storage fee 0.1% of the gold value or 1.2% annually.

  1. Ask the company to send the gold to your address via DHL Insured Mail.
  2. SELL the Gold back to the company.



*ThE following are the 4 basic types of investment  programs provided by Swissgolden :

The Start Program
The Main Program
The VIP Program  and
The VIP Plus Program

To make these programs *more affordable*, the company has introduced preliminary entry points which allows clients raise the funds needed for such investments.

*So*,  each of the programs has a preliminary stage *which clients of the company can start from with lower than the cost of the main programs*

Swissgolden has made it possible for ordinary man to invest in this business and make a huge return on investment. Key in to Swissgolden golden opportunity today and be the best, have the best*


– The Business Model and Compensation Plan.

*TO START:*  Invest €75, 200, 280 or €740, which places you on a table of order (which is made up of 7 cells), called the PRELIMINARY TABLE. See the structure below:



Next, you’re expected to refer 2 partners (down lines) to register under you. Next you are expected to work with your down lines/encourage them to get their own 2 down lines each as well. As soon as that is done: a structure like the figure below is established:

Having this structure above earns you (Bob in the above structure) the first €1000 on the Main PRELIMINARY table.

~Then the Swiss Golden company deducts €740 out of your €1000 earning to place you on the MAIN TABLE _(otherwise you can choose to walk away with your €1000 earning and your account will be closed *but that is not a smart choice to make as advised*)_~

*NOTE: The main earning starts on the MAIN TABLE when €740 has been be deducted from your €1000 earning you have €260 balance in your dash board account) on the PRELIMINARY TABLE. _

The preliminary table is designed to enable you generate the 740 euros needed for the main table)_


After, you’ve completed the PRELIMINARY TABLE and you’ve moved to the MAIN TABLE…

Now you have to work with your two direct down lines and ensure they earn/close their own PRELIMINARY TABLES as you did and EARN their first 1,000 euros.

The 4 cells under them would need to be filled with their own down lines from the prelim table to the main table Then you will earn your first €1,890 on the MAIN TABLE. _(I bet it is easier than you’d imagine if you commit and apply yourself to it as a team and possibly get some support from your up lines)._

Watch the Video Presentation Below for a Better Understanding of the Opportunity


Your earning of €1890 occurs 3 times on the MAIN TABLE as your down lines keep earning on their MAIN TABLES just like you.


Upon earning €1890 for the 3rd time on the MAIN TABLE,You may want to upgrade, (otherwise u may decide to keep circling on the main table. Or you upgrade to the next and €1050 will be deducted from your earnings to place you on the PRELIMINARY VIP TABLE OF ORDER where u will earn you €4000.


Upon earning €4000 on the PRELIMINARY VIP TABLE,€2850 will be deducted to place u on the main VIP table where u will earn €7250, earning on every main table occurs 3 times.

Furthermore, you can progress to PRELIMINARY VIP PLUS TABLE OF ORDERS and VIP PLUS TABLE OF ORDERS where you can earn up to 98, 000 euros over and over again. Swissgolden is real and is changing lives.

Below are some of the people that earned that have earned from the Swissgolden opportunity   


Apart from the Referral Bonus you can start earning Leadership Bonus when the 7 people under you earns their first 1,890 euro.

When you become a leader and start earning leadership bonus you ll earning between 15% of all the earnings of all your down lines. This is what we call real passive (residual) income. When you attain the leadership level you do not need to worry about money again as the residual income you earn from all your down lines every day will be enough to sustain you for livelihood.

You can earn between 100 euros to 3,000 daily from leadership bonus depending on the leadership level you are.

There are other gifts and fringe benefits, such as; all expense paid trips overseas, gold wrist watch and gold pen.


All it takes is teamwork and soft work ; our team members helps and supports each other and if you are finding it difficult to refer your 2 people the team can help you with at least one person.

Our team uses both cold calling and digital marketing to prospect, market and refer people to the business. We also host seminar twice every month.


Below is a screenshot of my account with Swissgolden showing a balance of 1,7779 euro and 7,606 euros of my earnings and 684.6 gram of gold in my gold bullion storage account.


For more information and clarifications, to attend our upcoming seminar or to request a one to one presentation. please call Tony on 0909-454-0396 or WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897.

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Let me start with a short description of Swissgolden.

Swissgolden Corporation is an international company that deals on purchase, storage and delivery of investment 24 karat gold bars ranging from 1-100gm with 999.9% purity. Swissgolden through her internet shop makes it possible for investors round the globe to buy/invest in gold and earn passive/active incomes.

Now you know what Swissgolden represents, lets get moving on to the topic of the day”why Swissgolden is not a ponzi scheme”.


Swissgolden unlike ponzi schemes, is registered in over five countries in the world. It was first registered on the 14th of June 2012 in the British Virgin Islands, which is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and it is a free economic zone. The Company’s Registration number is: 1717837. Swissgolden with the vision of building a community of financially independent individuals and institutions in Africa, opened its African Office in Lagos, Nigeria, which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number.

This is unlike ponzi that has only a website with an ip-address, which makes it easy to fold up and do away with peoples money, without the fear of being charged to court.


A ponzi scheme does not have a physical location where costumers can be mentored, coached and attended to, anytime they want. Swissgolden has a corporate office in over 150  countries where operates. This makes it easy for investors to get good customer care services, and first hand information’s on any new development.

  1. Lifetime

Swissgolden has been in existence since 2012, which is 5 years now. This is unlike ponzi schemes that lasts for a maximum period of  4-6 months, and this is because the scammer leverage’s on the money invested by early investor to pay older ones. Eventually the scammer runs out of new investors and the system collapse.

  1. Product

Swissgolden is a multi national company and a renowned name in the gold market. She deals on the purest form of gold, .i.e. 24 karat gold bars with a purity of 999.9%, with weights ranging from 1-100 grams. This is unlike ponzi which does not have a product but rely on exchanging money from one individual to another.

  1. Business Model

Swissgolden has a clear and easy to understand business model, with much flexibility for investors to determine what they earn, how they earn and where they earn. With the business model, investor can easily understand where the company makes the money used to reward their investments.

Whereas ponzi schemes have no clear business model, which makes it so difficult for investors to understand the business, which in-turn leads to loss of investments.

  1. Legal Representative

Swissgolden has directors in all the countries where its business is registered. These director stands as a representative or better put, the face of the company. This is far unlike ponzi scheme that doesn’t have a face or representatives. Your only connection to the business is their website.

  1. Deposits

For each Swissgolden program, there is a fixed amount of money every investor must start with and also a fixed amount of money every investor will earn. This means that what Mr. A starts with is the same Mr. B will start with, and what Mr. A earns is the same Mr. B will earn. This is unlike ponzi which does not have a fixed deposit and vice versa.

  1. Return of Deposit

If for any reason an investor wants to close his/her account with the company, the company will return his/her deposit. Now this is what I call a win-win situation, you have nothing to loss investing in Swissgolden. More over the reverse is the case with ponzi schemes, where there is no money-back guarantee.

I hope you find this article very helpful, feel free to leave your comments.

If you want to know more about Swissgolden business model and how you can leverage it to create an extra and residual income stream, please call Tony on 0909-454-0396 or WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897.

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What are you waiting for?  Partner with Swissgolden today and be financially free.