SUCCESS STORY: Dickson Onuchukwu Reveals How He Have Earned Over 100 Million Naira From Swissgolden Program. And How You Can Do the Same If You Attend the Upcoming Swissgolden Seminar Come June 10th, 2017 to Learn How He Did It!

At Good Success.TV we are committed to explore, unravel and report how the wealthy, the great and true successful people achieved that status, so that others can learn and apply the same principles and strategies they employed.
To this end, Good Success TV crew paid a courtesy visit yesterday to Mr. Dickson Onuchukwu, a young man in his thirties. I admire and respect this young man so much. His success inspires me that anyone can succeed and prosper in life if the person is determined. He is one of the Nigerians that partnered with Swissgolden Corporation when they launched their program in Nigeria in 2015. We spent some time in his palatial office at Ikeja, Lagos chatting and interviewing him about the Swissgolden business and how one can join the business and how its different from other network business.

Dickson Onuchukwu on the brown jacket posing with God Success TV Crew

 This young man have earned over 100 million naira from the Swissgolden Business and he is the top earner in Nigeria. There is no gain saying that this young man have attained financial freedom earlier in life, meaning he does not need to worry about money again in his lifetime whether he work or not as the residual income from of Swissgolden will sustain him.

 Unlike other network programs Swissgolden partners does not go about marketing and selling products rather all they do is invest some money in gold bullion and refer just 2 people and the person will be compensated with gold bullion or the cash equivalent in Euros.
Dickson emphasized that building a team and working hard are the secrets to his success in the Swissgolden business.
Swissgolden is an European company with offices in over 120 countries worldwide. The company refines and trades on 24 karat gold and rewards partners that promotes her marketing program with gold bullion or the equivalent in Euros. One can earn between 1,000 – 70, 000 euros over and over again depending on the amount of time, efforts or money one investments.
Financial freedom is what you get when the power of leverage in networking and investment in Gold are combined.
As you know Network Marketing is one of the Emerging Industries of the 21st century. Therefore, if you are not involved in this business that have changed my lifestyle and financial status and many others that i know, you are missing a great opportunity.
Next week Saturday June 10th, 2017 our team is hosting a big seminar in Ikeja, Lagos to present; How Anyone Can Create Wealth as Dickson Onuchukwu has done Partnering with Swissgolden.
At the seminar, you will;
– Discover 21 reasons why you must invest in gold bullion if you want to create wealth and earn residual income.
– Learn how Swissgolden makes it easy for anyone to start small and earn big.
– You will also discover how to use advanced selling skills and internet/social media to promote, attract and refer people to the business without leaving your home or office.
– You will also discover the most important thing you must know and do if you must succeed in Swissgolden business,
– New partners that will join our team ll get a website or blog eg. designed and hosted for them free of charge which they ll use to promote their business.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity, besides the seminar is 100% free. And the date is;

Venue: PRESKEN HOTEL, 16, Mojidi Street, Off Toyin Str., Beside Eco Bank Toyin Branch, Ikeja – Lagos

Time: 2: 30pm -5: 30 pm

Admission: Free
PS: Admission to the seminar is free, however because we have only 50 seats to accommodate just 50 people. Anyone that wants to attend this seminar MUST call to reserve his on her seat. Call 0909-454-0396 or WhatsApp : 0806-829-687 now for seat reservation
Trust me! You will live to remember the date you attended this seminar as you ll discover many things you don’t know that can change your life and financial status no matter the level you are today.
At the seminar, you will learn a lot of things this young, humble and quiet multimillionaire shares; How he joined Swissgolden marketing program, how he made it and the strategies he engaged and how you can do same.
I implore you to keep an open mind, come, listen and see how the Swissgolden Opportunity can enable you to create wealth and then decide if you want to be part of it or now. The choice its up to you.
Your partner for success,
 Tony Nwokolo
PS: Admission to the seminar is free, however because we have only 50 seats to accommodate just 50 people. Anyone that wants to attend this seminar MUST call to reserve his on her seat. Call 0909-454-0396 or WhatsApp : 0806-829-687 now for seat reservation
To Reserve your seat, Please fill the form below or call the numbers above.
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1 Comment

  1. njk

    June 4, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Swissgolden is real, Swissgolden is unique, Swissgolden is a life changer.

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