How I Discovered my Purpose – Jack Canfield

What’s your true purpose in life?When you selected your college major, was it something you were passionate about? Something you knew you were meant to do for a long time?

Or were you being practical and picked a subject that was easy or safe? Perhaps you were pressured by your family or friends?

Or maybe you thought you were passionate about a particular field, but as you began to work more in that area, you discovered that you climbed up the wrong ladder.

Many people don’t have the opportunity or foresight to choose a major that aligns with their purpose. The good news is, this is 100% okay. And the path you are on may in fact lead you to your true life’s purpose.

Take my story, for example.

You may not know this, but I was a Chinese History major at Harvard. After I graduated, I became a history teacher in the inner-city of Chicago where I began to notice how much more I enjoyed motivating students to learn and believe in themselves, than actually teaching history.

The teaching methods I developed in these years as an educator led me to begin training other teachers in self-development and achievement motivation, and on to running a national training center with offices across the US.

Then the corporate speaking invitations started, which brought me to meet Mark Victor Hansen, with whom I co-created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

And the rest, as they say, is history…

The lesson you can learn from my story is that your passion can evolve over time. What once may have held your interest, may lead you toward a completely different path later on.

My love of helping and empowering others to believe in themselves and teaching timeless strategies for success was the common thread in all my endeavors and continued to evolve the more I followed my passions. (Keep in mind, I was in my 40’s when I finally felt like I was truly living my life’s purpose — so there is no such thing as being “too old!”)

So follow these 5 uncommon tips to become an all-around more productive person.

1. Clean Up Your Messes

First, clean up your messes. When you live in a state of mental and physical clutter, it’s likely that you won’t be very productive. Incomplete projects, unfinished business, and piles of cluttered messes can weigh you down and take away from the energy you have to move forward toward your goals. When you don’t complete tasks, you can’t be fully prepared to move into the present, let alone into your new future.

What this means is that in order to be productive, you must complete any unfinished business or tasks that have been holding you back.

2. Focus!

Next, focus! The most successful people create entire days dedicated to focusing. A Focus Day is a day in which you spend at least 80% of your time operating in your core genius, or primary area of expertise—interacting with people or processes that give you the highest payoffs for the time you invest. To be successful, you must schedule more Focus Days and hold yourself accountable for producing the results. The more you focus on your highest payoff activities, the more productive you’ll be.

3. Just Say No

Third, learn how to say no. If you are going to increase your results and your income, as well as increase the amount of free time in your life, you are going to have to eliminate those activities, requests, and other time-stealers that don’t have a high payoff.

You will have to structure your work so that you are focusing your time, effort, energies, and resources only on projects, opportunities, and people that give you a huge reward for your efforts. You are going to have to create strong boundaries about what you will and won’t do.

4. Practice the Rule of 5

Next, practice the Rule of 5. The Rule of 5 simply means that every day, you must do five specific things to move your most important goal toward completion. By committing to take meaningful daily actions to achieve your goals, you will accomplish more than you thought possible in a surprisingly short amount of time.

5. Meditate

Meditation is very important when it comes to productivity. In general, through meditation, you can do many things better. When your mind is clear, you make better decisions, you’ll be able to focus on your most pressing issues, you’re more creative, you have much greater awareness of the world around you, and you ultimately get more done. All these are great benefits.Pick one of these productivity tips and begin implementing it today. Leave a comment below on which one you are choosing to implement first starting today, and I’ll be sure to follow up with you.

In order to be productive, you must also learn to plan and execute on your goals. Click the button below to download my free 12-month goal planner and get started.