How Bill & Melinda Gates are Giving Out Over $40 Billion Towards Transforming the Lives the Less Privileged People in the World

Bill and Melinda Gates, Cofounders and co-chairs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are occupying the number 5th position on the 100 the Top Business Visionaries Creating Value for the World according to the Business Insider. Truly, the mark of true riches is quantified and measured by how many lives one uses his or health wealth to affect and transform positively. And that is what these couple are committed at this time.

Bill Gates made his name and fortune as the cofounder of Microsoft, where he served as CEO until 2000, helping him build a net worth of more than $90 billion. Gates now spends the majority of his time working alongside Melinda, his wife, on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the charitable organization the couple founded in 2000. It issues grants for initiatives and programs across the globe, with a focus on global health and education and alleviating poverty.

The largest charitable organization in the world with an endowment of about $40 billion, the foundation focuses heavily on curbing the devastation caused by HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases. Its reach is already tangible: Since 2000, four countries have eradicated malaria with the foundation’s help. And in 2014, India became polio-free. The couple is also working on a plan to bring mobile banking to the 2 billion adults who don’t have a bank account.

Not only are Bill and Melinda Gates the wealthiest couple in the world, they’re also the most generous. They have pledged to give away more than 95% of their own fortune, and they have already donated more than $27 billion to charitable causes.

Together with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the couple cofounded The Giving Pledge in 2010, a promise by wealthy individuals to donate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. The pledge has already attracted more than 150 affluent members, including Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Elon Musk.

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