What is SEO and why it is important for your Business?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In today’s world, the way of searching information has changed a lot. If anybody is looking for any information the first thing he will do is go to search engine, such as Google.com enter the query and get the information from the World Wide Web. The work of search engine is to fetch the relevant information for the user. But the question here is, how search engine understands which result to be shown first, second, third and so on?

The answer to this question is SEO. The word SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. So in order to show the relevant information to the user, Search engine shows the result ranking on the basis of optimization. Optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a website or web pages in search engine result pages (SERPs) and helps to bring the organic (un-paid) traffic to the website or web pages.

A successful search engine optimization has a quality content and researched keyword relevant to content. To make the visibility in SERPs or get top ranking in the results so that user should click to your website or web page, there are two task which we have to complete in search engine optimization. The first task is On Page SEO and second is Off Page SEO.

In on page SEO we have to optimize the title keyword, Meta tag, Meta description, Image according to the content of the page. In off page SEO we have to generate the backlinks and continuously work on link building from the relevant site. Backlinks helps a lot on SEO and if the right links are built then it gives the right result.

Search Engine Optimization

There are two types of search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization and black hat search engine optimization. White hat SEO refers to any practise that improves your search performance on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying under the search engine’s terms of service. These techniques keep under the bounds as outlined by Search Engine.

  • Offering quality content and services
  • Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags
  • Making your website simple to navigate

Black hat SEO referred as a disapproved tactics that could increase your website ranking in the search engine result page (SERP). These tactics are against the search engine’s terms of services and can result in your website being banned by the search engines and affiliate website. Though there is also some short success through exaggerated traffic to your website, but search engines penalties are becoming more and more refined and might have devastating effects on your rankings and traffic. With many innumerable users looking on Search engine per day, are you able to extremely afford to be de-indexed?

Why SEO is important for your website?

Why do you build your website? The reason behind building a website are to reach more people, create awareness about your business, appear in the result when people are looking for the service or product you offer, create your own brand, find more potential customers, credibility and get high traffic to your website. SEO helps you to achieve all the above goals for your website. If you compare SEO with other marketing options, you will find that this is the best marketing for your business. Research has shown that through SEO you get higher ROI than TV or Print Media. SEO rewards your website for its efforts at higher rate than just about all conventional types of offline advertising and this is also true in case of other online marketing.

The reason for this is because SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that is, it allows you to market to people when they are looking for the products and services your website provides. You don’t have to appear in between their favourite TV show, you don’t have to interrupt and irritate people on a page wherever they’re reading an article. You only show up after they are searching for a website like yours. You don’t have to convince them to take your product or service, you only have to convince them that you are just the right website for their need. Websites seeks for attention and placement within the search engines, and people with the information and knowledge to enhance their website’s ranking can receive the advantages of high traffic and visibility. In alternative words, with SEO, the battle is won before it even starts.

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