What You Are Running Around Looking for in Sokoto State Is In the State of Your Mind

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It’s a sunny Monday morning and as i write this in my little but lovely and peaceful office herein Lagos, Nigeria the day is bright and promising as sun is shining on my windows. I can hear the palm trees whispering likewise the birds singing some melodious songs. This reminds of the supreme being the Most High God that created all thing bright and beautiful. It just dawned on me that i can hear all these sounds from nature and creatures because of the serene and peace environment i enjoyed here in my office, and secondly because i have peace of mind.

I have come to realize that two things determines how productive and successful our days, months, years and life will turn out to become. They are the state of your mind and the state of your environment.  I have discovered that when your mind is at peace and you are in a serene, quiet and peaceful environment. First, you can hear, receive and understand the directives and inspirations from the Lord God in your spirit man, and secondly you can also think clearly become more creative, create values and surmount any challenge and become more productive.

A lot people out there are just surviving instead of thriving, and not making any impact in the world or in their environment because they are always running around in a noisy environment and they cannot hear or comprehend the ideas and inspiration which the Almighty are sending to their mind. If you want to be fruitful and fulfilled in life, endeavour to have a quiet time with your maker, to make meditate and think creatively on the things you want to accomplish and you will be surprised that all you have been running around looking for in Sokoto State actually in the State of your Mind.

This reminds me the event recorded in the Bible about an indebted widow that sought Prophet Elisha’s help because her late husbands’s creditors insists on taking her two sons to become slaves to them in exchange for the money her late husband owed them before he died. And the man of God asked her what does she have in her house and she answered that she have nothing except a bottle of oil.

He instructed her to go and borrow many containers from her neighbors and should pour the oil into all the containers and as as she did the oil supernaturally multiplied and filled all the containers she borrowed. And when she told Elisha what happened he instructed her to go and sell the  oil and use the proceeds to pay her debts and to continue the business with the remaining money to sustain her livelihood.

Friends, there is something of great value in your house,  not only in the house where you live but also in your body where your spirit lives, i implore you to look inward into your mind there is a gift which the Almighty God has deposited in there and you can borrow ideas from others to package and market it and as you do so you will begin to create and generate the wealth you need to meet your needs and that of others. Shalom!

Tomorrow, i will continue on this topic and i will share with you the lessons i learnt from the above story and i believe the lessons you will learn it will blow your mind and transform your life as it transformed mine.

Tony Nwokolo (The Empowerment Apostle)

This week we got a lot of life transforming success stories and principles from some successful people in our nation and continent which we will be sharing on this platform so stay tuned.

Today, I will continue the part 2 on How to Pitch to Investors by Dr. Strive Masiyiwa, also i will be sharing How a 25 years old girl made over 20 million in less than 6 months from the Swissgolden network program. I know this girl and when and how she joined the program and today her life has changed from begging to lending to others. Her story will inspire you.

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