How a 25 Year Old Girl Made Over 9 Million Naira in Less than 6 Six Months from Swissgolden Program

MEET PRISCA OZOEMENA THE PRINCESSS OF SIWSSGOLDEN NIGERIA. How She Made Over 9 Million Naira in Less than 6 Six Months from Swissgolden Program

Sylvia Chinwe Agusi shares how her friend Prisca Ozoemena became a multi-millionaire just because she believed in the business opportunity she introduced to her just last year.

Now hear Sylvia:  Before i joined swissgolden that was July 2016, Prisca called me one faithful day to loan her N3,000 as in 3k. i was like wow watsup, them dey loan person 3k? She said boss right now nothing dey, i had to check myself and give her something . I was glad that i was able to help her at that moment she needed it even though it was small. If you know me well i can share my last penny with a friend even though sometimes i like quarrel too much.

Prisca Posing with her new ride!

Miss Sylvia and Prisca the youngest millionaires in town in a joyful mood at a recent Swissgolden seminar in Lagos


FAST FORWARD to August 2016, i was introduced to Swissgolden and i decided to join the business. As usual i went to Facebook and started promoting Swissgolden and as a result of that my friend Prisca saw it and gave me a call that she must do this business with me. I said ok come on lets rock it together, she was one of the first set of people that joined me in this business.

At first it wasn’t easy for her but we created the first strategy in our team that made me hit the number 3 in the world last year as the first Nigerian and African ever to hit that position. We created an unprecedented  record that put Nigeria on the map of Swissgolden worldwide.

Four months after, this same Prisca that came to me to loan 3k have earned over 9 million naira from Swissgolden and bought herself a very clean Honda Accord 2015 model👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

If you are you are still contemplating if Swissgolden business work, i will tell you that you are wasting your time and the opportunity to leverage team work to earn residual income and attain financial freedom because it works perfectly well.

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