8 Reasons Why Swissgolden is Reliable and Not a Ponzi Scheme


Let me start with a short description of Swissgolden. Swissgolden Corporation is an international company that deals on purchase, storage and delivery of investment gold bars ranging from 1-100gm with 999.9% purity. Swissgolden through her internet shop makes it possible for investors round the globe to buy/invest in gold and earn passive/active incomes.

Now you know what Swissgolden represents, lets get moving on to the topic of the day”why Swissgolden is not a ponzi scheme”.


Swissgolden unlike ponzi schemes, is registered in over five countries in the world. It was first registered on the 14th of June 2012 in the British Virgin Islands, which is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and it is a free economic zone. The Company’s Registration number is: 1717837. Swissgolden with the vision of building a community of financially independent individuals and institutions in Africa, opened its African Office in Lagos, Nigeria, which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number.

This is unlike ponzi that has only a website with an ip-address, which makes it easy to fold up and do away with peoples money, without the fear of being charged to court.


A ponzi scheme does not have a physical location where costumers can be mentored, coached and attended to, anytime they want. Swissgolden has a corporate office in over 150  countries where operates. This makes it easy for investors to get good customer care services, and first hand information’s on any new development.


Swissgolden has been in existence since 2012, which is 5 years now. This is unlike ponzi schemes that lasts for a maximum period of  4-6 months, and this is because the scammer leverage’s on the money invested by early investor to pay older ones. Eventually the scammer runs out of new investors and the system collapse.


Swissgolden is a multi national company and a renowned name in the gold market. She deals on the purest form of gold, .i.e. 24 karat gold bars with a purity of 999.9%, with weights ranging from 1-100 grams. This is unlike ponzi which does not have a product but rely on exchanging money from one individual to another.

Business Model

Swissgolden has a clear and easy to understand business model, with much flexibility for investors to determine what they earn, how they earn and where they earn. With the business model, investor can easily understand where the company makes the money used to reward their investments.

Whereas ponzi schemes have no clear business model, which makes it so difficult for investors to understand the business, which in-turn leads to loss of investments.

Swissgolden Administrative office in Germany

Legal Representative

Swissgolden has directors in all the countries where its business is registered. These director stands as a representative or better put, the face of the company. This is far unlike ponzi scheme that doesn’t have a face or representatives. Your only connection to the business is their website.


For each Swissgolden program, there is a fixed amount of money every investor must start with and also a fixed amount of money every investor will earn. This means that what Mr. A starts with is the same Mr. B will start with, and what Mr. A earns is the same Mr. B will earn. This is unlike ponzi which does not have a fixed deposit and vice versa.

Return of Deposit

If for any reason an investor wants to close his/her account with the company, the company will return his/her deposit. Now this is what I call a win-win situation, you have nothing to loss investing in Swissgolden. More over the reverse is the case with ponzi schemes, where there is no money-back guarantee.

I hope you find this article very helpful, feel free to leave your comments.

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